About Us

The McKinley Vision Statement

McKinley Elementary School is a warm and nurturing place in which our staff, students, parents and guardians learn and grow together. Students think critically, imagine creatively, achieve boldly, act compassionately, and with the help of our community, prepare for the challenges of citizenship in a global world. 

Our Mission Statement

In order to achieve our vision for McKinley Elementary School, we will work diligently to provide a quality education for every child in a safe and nurturing environment. We pledge to recognize that the unique gifts of each student, and will strive to adapt our instruction to meet the needs of our diverse community. We will achieve excellence in instruction by constantly learning and refining our own practices. We will foster a love of learning in students, and we will work cooperatively with families and community members to promote academic excellence for all students. We pledge to be fair in our actions, honest in our communications, and open to suggestions. We welcome as partners all who seek to promote the educational growth and emotional health of our children. 

Core Beliefs

 - We believe that all children can learn, we can teach all students, and there are no exceptions.
 - We recognize, respect and value diversity as a positive learning experience.
 - We create an environment in which continuous improvement is embedded in our culture.
 - We believe in an environment where all stakeholders are given the opportunity for
on-going, two-way communications.
 - We believe in consistent identification, learning and implementations of best policies, practices, and procedures. 
 - We believe that every employee and parent understands their role to actively support student  learning and other district goals. 
 - We believe that decisions based on facts, data and the parent/teacher input are in the best interest of the student. 
 - We believe a safe, clean, healthy and family oriented environment is necessary for learning. 

McKinley Primary Center was named after William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States. President McKinley's paternal grandparents lived for a short time in South Bend and are buried in the City Cemetery. This was the first school construction in South Bend after World War II. The present school replaced a wooden structure of the same name which had existed on the site since 1930.

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